How to add 10 hours back to your week, every week, for the rest of your life

(HINT: It has something to do with murder…but it’s not what you think.) I knew to go from Day Job to Dream Job I’d need to clone myself…or get really wise about my time. Since I don’t know any scientists, I settled for finding out how to use my time more wisely. Truth be told,…

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How to get successful people to mentor you

Don’t Pick Their Brain First of all, don’t you dare ask a potential mentor to meet so you can “pick their brain.” Regardless of your motives, this type of request screams ignorant and unaware. At the minimum it’s the wrong approach. However, when you understand the insider rules, you’ll realize it’s just plain offensive. If you…

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Why dating and collaborating in business is better than getting married and buried

I care about helping you achieve success in business and life. Too often people don’t know who to partner with, especially when first starting out. The wrong type of business relationships can sink you and your potential to be profitable. Remember, your time is one of your biggest assets. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the…

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Why the “big guys and gals” don’t want to partner with you and how to change it

For years I struggled trying to partner with the “big guys.” They seemed too busy to care. Everything changed when I discovered the insider rules on how to partner. In 2014 we partnered with some of the biggest players and brands in our industry. Discover the “rules” of the game and more importantly how to…

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Realize your Dream Job in 2015 free webinar and PDF guide

I heard you ask for help This past Thursday and Friday many of you emailed me telling incredibly deep stories. Stories of feeling stuck in your day job. Stories of God stirring your heart to pursue a new adventure. Stories of how 2015 is your year to transition. You don’t have to stay stuck This upcoming…

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5 reasons you SHOULD compare yourself

5 Kernels of Corn We had a tradition growing up. On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving every year, our family would gather to hear our pastor tell us the Thanksgiving story. Pastor Phil was a former history teacher and he couldn’t hold back a lecture. We didn’t mind. He told the story with such conviction and passion. It evolved…

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Protected: Joel Kessel—SOUL ON FIRE Success Story

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

5 tips for your next FIRESTORM. How I prepare during conference week.

Around my house this week it’s a little bit stressful.  A few times a year we do conferences (Igniting Souls Conference) and other live events (Dream Job Bootcamp Shawshank Edition). Although they’re life-giving and transformational, they produce stress. There’s no way around it. Stress often gets a bad reputation. However, experts and research reveals that stress…

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25 tips to help you speak better in public

  Are you speaking in public soon? Here’s 25 of my time-tested tips. I had to learn most of these the “hard” way…i.e. via FAILURE. To equip you better, I put this content in audio form too. Listen to the “New & Noteworthy” Igniting Souls iTunes podcast, via Stitcher,  Audioboom, or at the bottom of this…

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3 warning signs you might have victim tendencies

Me…a victim? Seriously? NO WAY! That’s what I thought until I saw the 3 warning signs.  Then I realized I was: GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY If you would have met me several years ago (before I left my day job), our conversation would have gone something like this: I feel frustrated. I want to do more but…

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