Why dating and collaborating in business is better than getting married and buried

I care about helping you achieve success in business and life. Too often people don’t know who to partner with, especially when first starting out. The wrong type of business relationships can sink you and your potential to be profitable.

Remember, your time is one of your biggest assets. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the quickest components to disappear. Too many Starbucks meeting and Panera outings can suck away all your time.

How do you know who to partner with in business? How can you increase your odds of success? Discover a proven model how to filter requests in an efficient and effective way that helps you save time and maximize opportunities. 

I recorded over 30 minutes of practical tips, strategies, lessons, failures, and successes on this topic. I even pull back the curtain and share how my business partner David and I began our relationship 4 years ago. Plus discover our strategy for how we filter all local requests and lead them into a monthly gathering which serves everyone involved.

Listen below or on Stitcher, iTunes, or AudioboomThe podcast is free and it’s dedicated to helping you become a soul on fire.

I’ll close with a question for the comment section below:

Have the wrong types of business relationships ever slowed you down?

  • Thanks for sharing this Kary, I was really looking forward to it. The content was great, but there’s one thing I’m still a little unclear on. What would you say is the primary difference between partnering up and collaborating across? I understand the difference in terms of the person you would be working with. But, what is the difference in the action steps that you take to set up one of these arrangements?

  • Great question. For starters, partnerships are different in duration. These are many times longer-term. It takes more work to get into a partnership (legally, emotionally, financially, etc.). Structurally its more complex. Collaborate is more event-based. Although not always short-term, it’s easier to set-up and engage in a collaborative relationship. Easier to start. Easier to end. Think of dating…vs. marriage. And collaboration often occurs when it’s unclear what unique strengths each party brings to the relationship. Time and experience together often reveals these outliers. Make sense?