How to get successful people to mentor you

Don’t Pick Their Brain

First of all, don’t you dare ask a potential mentor to meet so you can “pick their brain.” Regardless of your motives, this type of request screams ignorant and unaware. At the minimum it’s the wrong approach. However, when you understand the insider rules, you’ll realize it’s just plain offensive.

If you want successful people to mentor you then you must know the rules of the game. Ignore the rules and you’ll lose. Play by the rules and you’ll win.

Do Know the Rules

What are some of these rules? Here’s just 4 quick ones (I share many more):

  1. The more successful people are, the less accessible they are.
  2. Asking someone to pick their brain is an unclear request with unclear motives that frustrates ultra successful people.
  3. Long-term success is built on creating clear structures that help filter and funnel people into the product, service, or experience that serves them best.
  4. Providing a free initial coaching or consulting session as part of your business model may end up hurting you in the long run, perhaps even destroying you and your business.

Do Listen to the Podcast

I recorded a comprehensive podcast episode to help you understand these rules so you can win. Episode 27 is part 3 of a series. Get the full series below:

  • Episode 27How to get successful people to mentor you.
  • Episode 26 – Why dating and collaborating in business is better than getting married and buried.
  • Episode 25Why the big “guys and gals” don’t want to partner with you and what to do about it.

Listen below or on Stitcher, iTunes, or Audioboom. The podcast is free and it’s dedicated to helping you become a soul on fire.

I’ll close with a question for the comment section below. I’d like to know:

What do you think when someone asks to pick your brain? 

  • I remember making the “pick your brain” request mistake when I first started my remodeling company years ago. I made this request at a trade networking group of the owner of a successful local remodeling company. The “blank” look I got told me everything I needed to know. 🙂 Thanks for teaching people how to not make this mistake.

  • Well…you were a quick learner @brian_mininger:disqus. Good for you. BTW…excited for your new podcast coming out later this month.