My top 10 Learns from the past 12 months

We did it. 1 year and 45 Episodes Later! About a year ago, my friend Jared Easley challenged me to start a podcast. It’s something I wanted to do, but I kept putting off. The usual excuses held me back: lack of time, expertise, technology, etc. One day I finally woke up and realized I…

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Why people who watch the weather make horrible entrepreneurs

They’re called “weather watchers.” They take inventory of conditions and predictions and then make their decisions based upon the forecast. But in the business world, this type of strategy often sabotages success. In this podcast episode discover why “weather watching” tendencies (surveys, reports, data, comparisons, information) repel the best clients and set you up to…

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The conversation I have with myself when I fail so I can get back up again

I used to fear failure. Now I pursue it everyday. But because I fail often, I need to have a particular conversation to get myself back up again. In this episode I take you inside my brain and share how I hack my inner critic. This essential conversation is one of the secrets that helps…

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