SHOW UP FILLED UP. A secret strategy for launching your Dream Job

You might be asking how to launch your Dream Job. I want to share what’s worked for me. A word of WARNING: the content is unconventional. Before you dismiss it, I encourage you to try it. Go ahead and start small. Experiment and see how it feels. I think you’ll enjoy the results. This one is about SHOWING UP FILLED UP. 


Most human interactions are transactional: “I do for you. Then you do for me.” Very few are transformational: “I give to you. Then I give to you again.”  People who SHOW UP FILLED UP are transformational. Rather than lacking, they have extra to spare.

You fear being transformational because you tell yourself:

  • I don’t want to get taken advantage of.
  • I have to watch out for my own needs.
  • My resources are limited.

And so most people volley back and forth for dominance, control, and agendas. It feels transactional…like 2 empty people trying to squeeze the other person for affirmation, income, and attention. Subconsciously we steer away from these interactions.

But the opposite is true.

Like magnets, FILLED UP people attract others. In business, you must prequalify your ideal clients. But when you SHOW UP FILLED UP with potential clients, they will fight to work with you. (Tweet This) A knack for presence and posture, positions you as a rare commodity. Talk about differentiating yourself!


It’s been said about relationships:

“The one who cares less controls the relationship.” 

Perhaps true, but as a Dream Jobber™ I want you to flip the equation.

“The one who gives more controls the relationship.” 

FILLED UP people are extremely valuable. Everybody wants to work with them.  This is good thing. You’ll only get burned out if you don’t prequalify your ideal clients.

I’m not saying FILL UP everyone. Last time I checked you and I aren’t God. (That’s His Dream Job not ours.)

They key is clarity. Today I have an amazing list of clients. Many ask how I got to work with them. I SHOWED UP FILLED UP.  I met  Scott Fay, an amazing mentor, teacher, and the Vice President of The John Maxwell Team. I knew I wanted to work with him.  I added value to him and discovered his needs.

Turns out he wanted to do a book. He has an amazing story. Turns out I knew how to do a book from start to finish. Fast-forward and Scott’s about to release his first book endorsed by Darren Hardy, Bob Burg, and many other thought leaders. (Congrats Scott)


Let’s get extremely practical. How do you SHOW UP FILLED UP?

It looks different for everyone. For me, it depends on the first 120 minutes of my day and goes from there. If you’re not a morning person, check out Michael Hyatt’s amazing post: How to Become a Morning Person.

Here’s what I do:

  • Read Scripture delivered to my Phone via YouVersion
  • Review my OPUS and prepare for my intentionally designed day.
  • Do a crazy workout (3x a week + jog other days) with my builder Chet Scott.
  • Connect with my wife and kids.

By feeding myself first (body, soul, mind, spirit), I can clearly see all the hungry people around me. (Tweet This) By SHOWING UP FILLED UP I pick up on other people’s hurts, hangups, and habits. My strong CORE helps me ask curious questions and speak Truth in Love.

Look, I know I probably have more gaps than most people. I know my own junk and I feel my own flaws. But I deal with those BEFORE I SHOW UP. It’s one of the key strategies that helped me launch my Dream Job.

QUESTION: What are some of your ideas to SHOW UP FILLED UP? (I want to keep learning and growing from people like you.)