How to get paid for sharing your message

“Everybody is in sales.”

OK, first time I heard those 4 words I didn’t like it. Truth be told, I disagreed with the premise. But then the person continued…

Whenever you’re trying to convince someone of anything, including you’re opinion, the truth is you’re selling.” “Parents ‘sell’ their children on eating their vegetables, before dessert.” “College teams ‘sell’ athletes to sign with their team.” “Young men ‘sell’ young women on why going out for dinner with them is a good idea.”

OUCH! Seriously?

“But, what about non-profits…they’re not selling anything, right?”


Even nonprofits “sell” their potential donors on the validity of their cause.


Ok, but before we go further, consider this. If everyone is in sales, then…

If you work in a job you don’t love, then you’re selling something you don’t love. (Share on Twitter| Facebook |Google+ LinkedIn)

TRIPLE OUCH (last ouch…I promise)

Talk about inauthentic. Why would anyone get stuck selling something they don’t love?

From my experience, one reason and only one reason. Some people think it’s impossible to get paid for their passion. They believe it’s too difficult to monetize their message. Unfortunately, this is a lie that keeps us imprisoned from our passion and held captive from our creativity.

Getting paid to share your message is not only possible, it’s simply a result of 6 steps. I call this process The Deeper Path Payoff and I’ve seen it played out thousands of times. I’ll share these steps below.

1. Clarity =

No one will buy from you until they know your value and your products/services. Look, I’m a bald guy with a girl’s name. Nobody is paying me because I look good or because they like my name. My breakthrough came when I clarified my VALUE PROPOSITION STATEMENT. My VPS helped me and my clients understand what I offer:

I’m an author, coach, and speaker, who helps the disoriented, discouraged, and disengaged, discover who they are, why they’re here, and where they’re going, so they can become a soul on fire and share their message with the world.

Clarity attracts. Confusion repels. When potential clients heard my clear value proposition then, if still interested, they took the next step.

2. Competence =

Something magical happens when you gain clarity. You become more aware of your strengths and weaknesses. You understand your few gifts with razor-sharp intuition. When you don’t know your unique skills, it’s a clear indication you’re still unclear. And when you’re unclear, no one will buy from you.

Why would they? For example, try pulling up to a drive thru restaurant. Ask what they’re serving and how much it costs. If they’re unclear, you’ll drive away. And so will your potential customers.

3. Confidence =

True confidence is simply the byproduct of clarity and competence. When you know your products/services, your value, and your ability to deliver results, you naturally communicate belief. People buy belief. Hardly something you conjure up, confidence flows from proven character.

4. Influence =

By developing clarity, competence, and confidence, you earn the right to be heard. People invest in you by paying attention. Remember, time is even more valuable than money. When people allow you to influence them, it’s because they see your unique value. But don’t stop here. Keep walking the path.

5. Impact =

When you reach this point, provide people a true solution for their problems. Focus on serving, not selling. Give away your best for free. Assume the risk. Alleviate their pain or increase their pleasure. Connect with them before communicating your product/service. Let them taste the results for themselves. Watch what happens.

6. Income =

If you travel this path slowly and sincerely, you’ll discover it’s the fastest way to true income. Get-rich schemes leave a bitter aftertaste. The Deeper Path Payoff is different. Offer real solutions for people’s problems and they’ll fight to invest in you.


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