How to become a guru and share your solution


Me? A guru? You bet. But before your self-limiting beliefs scream their crushing cries:

“I don’t know enough.” “I don’t have enough experience.” “People wouldn’t pay me as a guru.”


In this post, I’m going to begin the conversation by addressing:

  • Current cultural perception of gurus
  • 5 types of guru clans
  • How to become a guru and share your solution


Current cultural perception of gurus

When I say guru, I AM NOT referring to the limited meaning:

TRADITIONAL GURU = a religious teacher and spiritual guide in Hinduism. 

Instead, I AM referring to the comprehensive meaning:

CURRENT MEANING = a person who has much experience in or knowledge about a particular subject

If you’re late to the conversation, in January 2014 a new group of domain names became available = .guru (replacing other traditional domain names like .com .org. etc.)

Apple, keen on cultural perceptions of gurus, snatched up some of the earliest domains in the .guru family:


But what about the rest of us? Are we gurus too? And if so, what does that mean?

For starters, you might be a guru and not even know it. If you qualify, the ramifications are much more than  .guru domain name. Many people who caught what I’m about to share have been able to step into their guru status, create their GPS (Guru Positioning Story) and are transitioning from Day Job to Dream Job.

Here’s an official definition of a guru for today’s marketplace:

A guru is someone who is considered to have knowledge or expertise. The new .GURU Domain gTLD opens the door to creative usage of this idea and is perfect for anyone who gives advice on any topic.

So let me ask you?

  • Do you have knowledge or expertise on a particular subject?
  • Has anyone asked for your advice on how to do something.

If the answer is YES, then you could be a guru.

A guru is a problem solver. Nothing more. Nothing less. (Share on TwitterFacebook |Google+ |LinkedIn)

Now, just because you’re a guru doesn’t mean people will line up to pay you—at least not yet. Stepping into your guru status is harder than you think. However, keep reading and I’ll show you how it’s also easier than you might think too.

5 types of guru clans

Clans Deliverable Probability
1. Practicals Personal Results 100%
2. Synthesizers Relevant Themes 75%
3. Nonconformists Uncommon Perspectives 50%
4. Academics Research/Data 25%
5. Celebrities Familiar Endorsements less than 1%


1. Practicals

These gurus deliver personal results. They’ve climbed the mountain, built the business, cracked the code. Rather than sharing theory, these gurus share from their own experience. Their content feels authentic, chock-full of struggle and victory.

Think: Hero’s journey retold

Example: Arthur Boorman

2. Synthesizers

These gurus deliver relevant themes. They’ve booked the interviews, explored the best practices, and synthesized the results. Rather than regurgitating traditional dogma, these gurus serve up fresh perspectives based on emerging trends. Their content feels innovative, robust, and original.

Think: Obvious epiphany

Example: Malcom Gladwell

3. Nonconformists

These gurus deliver uncommon perspectives. They’ve examined opinion, etiquette, and outlook and dared to stand in defiance. Rather than marching in line, these gurus chart their own course. Their content feels unconventional, raw, and passionate.

Think: Brace yourself

ExampleDave Ramsey

4. Academics

These gurus deliver data. They’ve earned the degrees, written the papers, and conducted the experiments. Rather than personal opinion, these gurus share from a deep reservoir of science and research. Their content feels proven, credible, and plausible.

Think: Graduate class

ExampleOliver Sacks

5. Celebrities

These gurus deliver familiar endorsements. They’ve found their place in our conversations, status updates, and news stations. Rather than knowledge or expertise, these gurus (and their sponsors) rely on notoriety and name recognition. Their content feels reliable, trustworthy, and recognizable.

Think: Recommendation from a friend

ExampleMichael Jordan

How to become a guru and share your solution

When people first hear about becoming a guru, many objections arise:

  • I’m not the best in the industry.
  • I don’t know everything there is to know.
  • I know people who are more experienced.

These objections simply excuses. When my plumbing leaked I hired someone who could fix it, not the best in the world. Hiring the best in the world, would cost too much. Your advantage is your anonymity. The best in the world are over-qualified (unless you need the best). And their accessibility demands a very high price.

Or think about this. If your goal is to make it down a rapid-filled river, you’ll trust a guide who’s done it safely a dozen times prior. The #1 world-class guide may do it faster or better, but you don’t care nor could you afford him or her.

Stepping into your guru status is both an art and a science. On November 14-15 at the Igniting Souls Conference I’m investing 2 days in helping a small group of people do just this. They’ll clarify their GPS (Guru Positioning Story.) This GPS will guide them in business and life. It will also help them message their solution within the marketplace.

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