I fell on the road today. 6 quick takeaways I learned while in the ditch.

Launching your Dream Job is a Like Running in the Dark

Ok. That’s a gross picture. So here’s the quick story: I ran on the road in the dark this morning and fell. Pretty stupid. Nonetheless, I thought I’d share 6 quick takeaways. I realized how launching your dream job is a little like running in the dark. (Tweet This or Share on Facebook)

Here’s 6 reasons why:

  • 1 – You only have a general idea where you’re going. I work out with some crazy guys, especially Chet Scott. My friend Tom and I decided to run before and after the workout. Although we generally know the direction, it’s pitch black and you can’t see a thing. When you launch your dream job there’s always a risk because you don’t know exactly where you’re going.
  • 2 – You can’t panic. Everything was cool until a car came over a hill with bright lights on. My reflexes kicked in, I panicked, jumped off the road, hit the curb, and twisted my ankle. When you launch your dream job, it’s easy to get blinded, panic, and fall. The trick is to keep moving forward, even when you can’t see the road.
  • 3- You can’t stay in the ditch. My friend Tom was nice. He asked if I was OK. Everything was, except for my pride. I felt stupid, but I brushed myself off and kept running. We arrived at Chet’s a few minutes later because I chose to get up and keep going. When you launch your dream job, quitting is not an option.
  • 4 – You need to admit when you’ve fallen. Sure I was hurt, but only a little. I explained to the other guys what happened and laughed at the fact that I probably looked pretty silly. They laughed too. When you launch your dream job, don’t take yourself too seriously. Be vulnerable. Admit when you fall. Trying to pretend only hurts your believability.
  • 5 – You need to be aware.  Everything was cool until I took my sock off. I looked at my ankle and saw massive swelling. I looked at my other leg and my knee was all tore up. If I wasn’t aware, I may pushed too hard in the workout. When you launch your dream job you need an extremely high level of self-awareness. You need to know your expertise, your products, and your services.
  • 6 – You need to take the lead and improvise. It was my turn to “lead” the workout this morning. Because I was injured the guys asked me if I wanted to let someone else lead. I thought about it and then refused. Letting someone else lead would have let them decide what exercises we would do. Instead, I improvised. I chose exercises that played to my strengths. I avoided ones that would have involved my bad ankle. When you launch your dream job you need to take the lead and improvise. Take responsibility. Play to your strengths. Don’t let someone else lead.

QUESTION: When you’ve fallen, what’s a lesson you learned in the process? (Please comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts. And if you know someone who needs to read this, please encourage them by sharing this post)

  • When leading and being driven by extreme passion, I forget that others may not have the same passion as I. So when my idea, project or vision is rejected and I “fall” so to speak; I sometimes am left baffled and angry. So I have learned that I will fall some way or another so I expect it, plan for it and remember the lessons learned when I do.

    P.S. Kary, you might want to get a headband with a light on it if you are going to run in the dark. Just saying.

  • Daniel Evans says:

    Kary, the story of your acute pain will help many with their chronic pain. I know you and also know that you will be alright. Recovery will be quick and you will be back on your feet. Others may not see the speedy recovery for themselves. They need those who can see their potential and encourage them to a speedy recovery. Sometimes when you are in the ditch, so to speak, is when you need those who are not to help lift you out. After a while, a person will develop the strength needed that when they fall they can encourage themselves to a speedy recovery. These are the lessons you teach from your own experiences. Thanks!

    Deer are usually stunned, blinded and struck with fear that could cause them to run to their own demise. Although Kelly may call you dear, don’t act like one. If you are not like Vin Diesel in the pitch black, get a flashlight. I appreciate you!

  • Pam Costa says:

    Hi all, I am new to Kary’s tribe (via Jared Easley-Starve the Doubts). This post touched me today. If you ever doubted a divine plan for your life just suspend disbelief even for an hour and see what comes in! Thank you Kary, Daniel and Mike for contributing to my getting ever closer to my passion and purpose.