How you can become a #1 amazon bestseller, just like my 8-year-old

“Dad I gotta write a dumb report,” Keegan said with sigh of defeat.

My son walked in, head sagging down, and handed me a letter from his teacher. I read the first line and immediately understood the reason for his unexpected attitude. It read:


“Awesome man. That’s so cool. What are you going to write about?” I naturally asked.


“I don’t know,” he uttered. “It has to be about an inventor.”

Henry Ford, The Model T, and Me

After a few minutes of chatting he settled on Henry Ford and the invention of the Model T. Our little guy likes Michigan. And Henry Ford grew up in the Wolverine State. It felt like a perfect match.

(Keep reading below to see what we did with this mini-report. It’s pretty cool. If you can’t wait, then click the blue picture to the right.)

Grown ups are just big kids

When us adults confront something outside our comfort zones we can inherit bad attitudes too. I often see this displayed in my coaching clients. My Deeper Path coaching cohorts tend to attract speakers, entrepreneurs, coaches, and business leaders. Most of them are tied to an active income model—where they trade their time for dollars. 

They do the work and get paid—once. When they want to get paid again they need to spend more time, effort, and energy because the income is non-recurring. Obviously, active income fails to factor scalability. Their service is limited to them—their presence, their focus, and their schedule. These factors can create “prison like” conditions.

In 2010, my day job represented almost 100 percent active income. If I didn’t work, I didn’t make money. But today, in my dream job, active income reflects only about 50 percent of my business model. The other 50% is passive income. (I share more on this topic in this video.)

Within my 10 week Deeper Path coaching cohorts many of my clients realize that to achieve their dreams they need passive income. Passive income brings increased freedom, flexibility, and finances. Although it takes time to create a product initially, you can get paid many times over for the same “work.” They want to do this, but they don’t know how.

Sometimes (like Keegan), they get bad attitudes.

Creating passive income is easy as creating a simple product. (Tweet This Share on Facebook  or Google Plus | Post on LinkedIn).

Keegan became a #1 bestselling author on Amazon

Watching Keegan write his mini-report was a blast. In his own words, writing the 3 pages was “very hard work.” (Remember, this 3 page report was the longest thing he ever wrote.) Yet, when he finished his report I asked him a question?

Do you want to publish your mini-report as a book on Amazon?

Although he didn’t know what that exactly meant, he must have understood something. I know this because he asked me a series of questions:

  • Will others read it?
  • Will it help people learn more?
  • Will I become famous?
  • Will I get any money?

Smart kid. I think you’re probably asking the same questions about your potential product. (Right?)

If an 8-year-old can do it you can too

Keegan gave an interesting reply to my question. ABSOLUTELY I DO!

Our adventure began. I showed him how to make it happen. He even picked out the colors for his book cover (“Michigan” colors.)

How to Publish a Manifesto

The process of getting published is incredibly easy—once you know how to do it. My business partner David Branderhorst and I spent over 100 hours creating an ebook to teach people how. We sell this ebook (YEP…another passive income product). However, I talked David into providing it FREE for a limited time to our amazing readers—YOU! (Download it here.)

I used to think creating a product was unbelievably difficult—until I created my first one. Now looking back, I realized the toughest part of creating my product was the thought of creating it. The more I thought about it, the more fear I felt.

This normal feeling is captured in something called Parkinson’s Law. According to the law:

  • Work expands to fill the time available for its completion.
  • The thing to be done swells in perceived importance and complexity in direct ratio with the time to be spent in its completion.

Translation? The more you think about a simple task, the more complex it becomes. Your anxiety and stress will increase until the task is completed. What should take two hours ends up taking two weeks because you stew on it.

Fight this feeling by creating your own product—NOW!

See what I mean. Get Keegan’s ebook FREE today

I wanted to show you how easy it is to get published. I did this because I believe you have something to say and the world needs to hear it. (Becoming famous and getting some extra cash isn’t a bad thing either.) Last week Keegan secured the #1 position in his category making him a #1 Amazon bestselling author.

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 8.20.09 AM.jpg

I asked him and Keegan is cool with letting you download his ebook free today and tomorrow. If you like his mini-report spend 5 minutes and tell him. Write a quick review. It’s free and I know he’ll be encouraged.

And finally, let us know when you publish your ebook. We want to hear about it.

Henry Ford, The Model T, and Me download-free-trial-btn

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