A Sneak Peek into One of My Top Business Building Strategies of 2013

Prepare for Pay Day

My business partner (David Branderhorst) and I sold more on November 8, 2013 than any other day in our calendar year.  In fact, it was the single highest grossing day in the history of our business. If you would have told me this a year ago, I wouldn’t have believed you. But, we intentionally changed our design that day (and the days leading up to it) and the results speak for themselves.

Trust me. We’ve made plenty of mistakes along the way. Yet, I wanted to share a few wins to help you in your upcoming business year. I think you’ll find these strategies helpful as you prepare for your own paydays.

Roll Out The Red Carpet

Treat your clients like celebrities and your gatherings like red carpet events. (Tweet This or Share on Facebook)

At our Igniting Souls Conference on November 7-8 we wanted to make our clients feel special. We went out of our way to treat them like celebrities (Photo Album). We gave them VIP treatment with several bonuses including sessions with Choice Recovery Founder—Chad Silverstein, Built to Lead Founder—Chet Scott,  and OSU Wrestling—Coach Tom Ryan.

Our clients even got special access to the stadium. (some of our clients pictured below)

Igniting Souls Conference

Over-deliver On Value

Our  goal was simple. We wanted to over-deliver on value. We strategically designed 8 sessions with 5 different speakers (click for description). Each session equipped and empowered our clients to achieve more—both personally and professionally.

Did we achieve our goal?

We let the cameras role our clients told us what they thought. You be the judge. (scroll down once you click the picture or read written testimonials too)

Igniting Souls Conference 2

Although the Igniting Souls Conference got rave reviews, we wanted to give our clients even more value. So in the last session we announced that each attendee would be getting a digital version of the conference so they could access it for life.

We knew many conferences charge their clients for recordings of the sessions. Although we could have made a few extra bucks, we knew that our clients already paid for their tickets, hotels, airfare, and meals. So, David and I gave them the conference as a gift instead. We also included special assessments, a 44 page workbook, and handouts.

Igniting Souls Conference 3

(If you missed the conference and want to get special access too, then take $50 off until December 31st — no need for a hotel or airfare either 😉 )

Work Deeper With The Hungriest

Conferences motivate, but processes mature. Although our event would soon be over, we wanted to work with the hungriest in a much closer way in 2014. As a result, we offered a pre-release opportunity to join the first ever Dream Job Bootcamp™—Shawshank Edition™.

This unique program involves a 2 day event and a 12 month mastermind that I personally lead. This entire experience provides a tremendous value, but it also requires a significant investment in terms of dollars ($3000) and effort (Dream Jobber Plan™).

We only allowed a limited amount of slots and filled them immediately. We attribute this quick response to the trust we built up over those two days. Our clients understand the value we pack into our content and programs. Due to the demand David and I decided to do a second Dream Job Bootcamp™—Shawshank Edition.

Without surprise, it’s already filling up.


Dream Job Bootcamp™ Shawshank Edition™

This strategy takes incredible effort, energy, and commitment. Yet, it’s the only way we know how to do business:

  • Roll out the red carpet
  • Over-deliver on value
  • Work deeper with the hungriest


QUESTION: What was one of your top business building strategies for 2013? (I want to learn and grow from you)

(Please comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts. And if you know someone who needs to read this, please encourage them by sharing this post)

  • Keith Palmer says:

    Kary, i am just starting out and I still have a day job. While dropping me off to work, my wife who is also a talented writer and teacher (Twitter @mohawkmomma and http://speaktruthspeakup.blogspot.com) said some things the other day that shook me. She asked me why I was acting like I am still waiting to launch the business. She said, “Stop trying to replant the roots and start producing fruit!” Then she hit me with, “Don’t be dissuaded in this when God has clearly persuaded you!” For me the business strategy is to do something intentional EVERYDAY towards your dream job like IT IS your dream job until you can do your dream job full time!!