3 reasons why we had Dream Job Bootcamp™ at Shawshank Prison (pic and video included)

The first time I saw it I knew I was going to have an event there someday. Besides the otherworldly architecture, the massive building over 100 years-old, held deep meaning for me. It represented a time when I felt trapped and held captive against my will.

Dream Job Bootcamp

I’d come to find out later that my prison was mostly inside my head. Regardless, I still felt the cold steel bars that kept my potential caged and my future imprisoned.

I knew I’d come back one day as a free man. I’d bring others with me too. These people would be like me. They’d want more:

  • Freedom

  • Finances

  • Fulfillment

They’d crave to:

  • Go as they please

  • Earn as they wish

  • Live as they like

And so I found them. And less than 12 months later we gathered for our first Dream Job Bootcamp™. We met at Shawshank Prison. (Watch the 1 minute sneak peek below or here.)

[youtube width=”500″ height=”400″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEy0h4ae464[/youtube]

” Why have Dream Job Bootcamp™ at Shawshank prison?” 

Great question. Because trust me, I got a few reactions when I first explained the idea. I’ve landed on 3 reasons why. Feel free to reference them when contemplating your own idea. Here’s what I believe:

  • Ideas don’t come to you, they come through you. If God guides, He’ll also provide. If it’s His idea, consider yourself fully resourced. Now what’s your excuse…seriously?
  • Ideas are always created twice: once with your head, once with your hands. God gave you “the why.” He expects you to do the “how.” Get off the bench and start taking action.
  • Ideas expire if not implemented. (tweet thisDon’t think God can’t use someone else. If you’ve been called then you’re also equipped. If you delay, God may just find someone else to do his creative work. (Ask Barak – Judges 4:8-9)


QUESTION: Have you ever delayed about implementing an idea? If so, what did you learn in the process?

(Please comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts. And if you know someone who needs to read this, please encourage them by sharing this post)


  • Kimunya Mugo says:

    Kary, this is awesome and unique. I love the movie Shawshank Redemption that I have watched over 8 times so far. The lessons are deep if one moves from the entertainment perspective. And to see my good friend Barry Smith in the photo just warmed up my day. Thank you for keeping me encouraged, even though from a long distance off. By the way, I am 2 months into my dream job 🙂