The Surefire 61 Second Strategy™ for finding the best clients, friends, and partners

The 1 Problem

Like you, I meet a lot of people. And like you I get a lot of requests for potential partnerships and clients. So how do you filter the good from the bad?

  • Which ones should you pursue and which ones should you park?
  • Which ones will be a delight and which ones a drain?
  • Are there clues, which indicate better odds of success, or is it left up to random chance?

What if I told you I had an answer? What if I told you The Surefire 61 Second Strategy™ for finding the best clients, friends, and partners? Would you want to hear it? (Once I tell though, you’ll probably be disappointed. It’s quite simple.)

The 61 Second Strategy

Here it goes:

When you’re chatting with people and they indicate an interest in becoming your client, partner, or friend, say something like this…

That sounds fascinating. Because I’d like to know more about you (or your industry, or your organization, etc.), I’d love to ask you one quick question. May I?

Wait for their permission. If they say “Yes,” then ask:

“What would you say is the #1 obstacle preventing you from experiencing even more success?”

After you ask this question then SHUT UP. If they ask what you mean then simply repeat the same question again. Use a confident, calm, and direct tone. Don’t budge. Or give them an inch. Or let them off the hook.

The 4 Responses

They’ll typically respond in one of 4 ways:

  1. RejectThey’ll deny the existence of any obstacles. (This indicates they struggle with awareness.)
  2. DeflectThey’ll change the subject and avoid answering the question altogether. (This indicates they struggle with openness.)
  3. ProjectThey’ll blame their obstacles on someone else or something else. (This indicates they struggle with victimhood.)
  4. AcceptThey’ll take ownership of their obstacles. (This indicates they’re aware, open, and responsible.)

Which one do you want as a client, friend, or partner (those who REJECT? DEFLECT? PROJECT? or ACCEPT?)

Remember, the way people see themselves indicates the way they see the world, including you. (Tweet This Share on Facebook Post on LinkedIn).

Anaïs Nin wrote:

“We don’t see things the way they are, but the way we are.”

We all lean toward one of these four responses. During a particular period in my life, I chose to the 3rd response most often—PROJECT. Although I wanted deep change in my life, I saw other people and circumstances as my biggest obstacle.

I’m not alone. Author James Allen wrote:

“People are anxious to change their circumstances, but they’re unwilling to change themselves and therefore they remain bound.”

Back then I wanted better partnerships, friendships, and clients, but the way I saw myself repelled the people I wanted and attracted the people I didn’t. I failed to see that success isn’t something you achieve it’s someone you become.

I decided to take a journey that revealed my biggest obstacle. I found out it was ME! I then made a change, by changing myself. Shortly after my decision, my circumstances began to change. My influence, impact, and income also changed too.

The 3 Videos

Since then I’ve distilled the journey I took into 3 specific topics—IDENTITY, PURPOSE, and CONTEXT. These 3 topics answer 3 epic questions we’re all asking:

I’ve created 3 free videos (click above) on these topics. Feel free to view them. Maybe you’re one of those willing to take ownership for your obstacles. If that’s you, then at the end of each respective video, I explain how I’m only choosing a few clients in this next spring season.

My schedule simply doesn’t allow me to do one-on-one coaching anymore. Instead, I’m investing in 3 small groups of people. Of course, I take full responsibility and back each experience with a full 110% guarantee. If you’re not completely blown away I’ll refund your investment, no questions asked, with an extra 10% for any inconvenience I caused.

I hope you try the 61-second test in your world very soon. I’d love to hear if it helps you filter the good ones from the bad.


QUESTION: Do you use any questions as filters?

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