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The Problem = Not Enough Time

Most people want to help others. Most people would also love to increase their influence, impact, and income, they just don’t know how.

Meet Mike Myers—the tutor, not the actor. Mike is a wonderful teacher with an amazing heart to help students improve their literary skills.

Mike’s problem? There’s just one Mike.



He’s a husband, father, and friend. He’s also a school specialist during the year. Once summer hits, he has limited time to tutor kids. His slots fill up quickly and he goes into active time and active income mode.

  • Translation? Like most people, he trades time for dollars.
  • Result? He can only help a small number of struggling kids.

A few months back Mike came to me hoping for an answer.

  • His desire? Help more kids get better at reading.
  • His solution? Clone himself.

Because his wife didn’t see cloning him as an option, we found another one. Before I tell you the answer, let me ask:

  • Does this sound familiar?
  • Can you can relate?
  • Do you wish you had more time to help others too?
  • Would you like to increase your influence, impact, and income without adding more to your busy schedule?

I began to work with Mike and teach him our model (also revealed in my newest book Day Job to Dream Job out in August). In a moment, I’m going to share this model with you too as a FREE PDF download. Before I do, I want to show you Mike’s finished product. Then we’ll help you create your own. By following these simple steps, you can increase your own influence, impact, and income—just like Mike.

The Example = Summer C.O.W. Early Literacy Program



  • Who: The Summer C.O.W.™ is offered to students who are looking to improve early literacy skills. It is ideal for students entering first grade or who need explicit instruction in early literacy skills.
  • What: The purpose of this program is to develop literacy skills that are foundational to reading and writing success. We utilize a three step strategy to achieve this:

– Comprehension – Each session provides practice of specific skills to help a child make sense of what they’re reading.

– Orthography – Each session builds a student’s ability to understand our writing system. Specifically, the relationship between sounds and letters and how letters work to form words and sentences.

– Writing – Each session works to build a student’s use of English by building their understanding of sentence structure to express ideas.

  • When: The Summer C.O.W.™ program consists of 5 weekly sessions per week for 8 weeks (40 lessons total). Each lesson totals 15-20 minutes.
  • Where: Lessons are accessed through email including videos and our fun and interactive COWbook™ (guidebook).
  • Why: Private tutoring isn’t conducive for everybody’s schedule or budget. The Summer C.O.W.™ program enables you to work at your own pace wherever you can access a computer – even a beach.
  • How: The Summer C.O.W.™ program is $49. Join today during our seasonal special and save 20%. Now through June 15 take $10 off. Click the Buy Now button below to join or email mike@magnifyingtalents.com

Each member will also be given access to the Magnifying Talents Private Facebook community for encouragement, ideas, and coaching.



The Model = Dream Jobber Quick Start Product Launch

Our students have sent us their success stories from all over. My business partner and I can’t keep quiet any longer. As a result, we wanted to share this model to you, free of charge. Simply download the PDF here. It’s yours to use, keep, and share.

And make sure to tell us when you create your first product. We might just share your story next time. I know you’ll enjoy helping more people with your first on-line product. And congratulations on increasing your influence, impact, and income.