More important than fame, fortune, and YES even smoothies

I like smoothies…

…enough that I drink them almost every day. (The spinach and mango blend is my favorite.) But I’d like to share an observation more important than smoothies or even fame and fortune for that matter.
I’ve seen a trend. It’s a thread you might call it.
I’ve noticed it:
  • in literature with Aragorn in Lord of the Rings
  • in Scripture with Sarah in Genesis
  • in film with Rapunzel in Disney’s Tangled
  • in sports with Orel Hershiser 

All these men and women experienced a significant change when their self-image “set-point” shifted.

Here’s what I mean:

  • King Aragorn thought he was simply a wanderer named Strider.
  • Matriarch Sarah thought she was a barren old woman named Sarai.
  • Princess Rapunzel thought she was a confined daughter nicknamed “Flower.”
  • MVP “Bulldog” thought he was an unsuccessful pitcher nicknamed “Howdy Doody Hershiser.”
But then in their darkest hour something changed. More specifically their name changed…and then so did their self-image “set-point.”

So what’s the big deal and how does this relate to your life?

Because you have a self-image set-point. And you’re never going to outperform your own self-image. 

Think of this set-point as your internal thermostat. What’s your number? Not the number you want people to think…but the true number you feel when you’re not wearing a mask and pretending.

It’s likely you’re sabotaging your own results because your self-image is set too low. You could be experiencing more joy, passion, and purpose. But you’re unaware about the bigger call upon your life. You’re unaware of your new name.

This topic is especially close to my heart.

See, I used to think my name was Kary and that I was simply just a man addicted to cutting. But in my darkest hour something changed too. More specifically my name changed…and so did my self-image “set-point.” (Today, I’m living proof of a Soul on Fire.)

Next Thursday night I want to share this process with you. It’s free and when you secure your spot, you’ll get a helpful guidebook too. I’ll help you fill in the blanks during the webinar.

If you haven’t planned on coming yet, will you join me?

What do you have to lose…except your old name.


Life didn’t change until I did.

Discover Your Secret Name.

Reset your self-image.