Martyn Wood—SOUL ON FIRE Success Story


Get ready to meet real people with real problems who pushed through and embraced their real potential.

11234982_10155551477750174_4021347018522322955_oMy name is Martyn Wood and I have been part of the Igniting Souls Tribe for over three years. This is not the first group I’ve joined, however for me it is the one which has grown me up and accelerated my progress into the entrepreneur, coach, and speaker, that I am now.

It all began with the Deeper Path. My first exposure to Kary’s teachings opened my eyes. The “I have a dream” exercise was incredibly unique. It was the first time I literally wrote out my vision. I went through the entire process completed my OPUS. I believed in it so much became a certified Deeper Path Coach.

11009967_10155551477745174_7429102198202855130_oNext I took Dream Job Bootcamp in a mastermind setting with Kary, his business partner David, and a dozen other world changers. More layers were peeled off, more lies were exposed, and more truth was spoken by me, about me, and to me.

In the mastermind we worked through a 400-page manual. We dug deep. My fellow mastermind members pushed me. We had daily check-ins, a monthly live video chat, and a hot seat session where others focused on me and helped me overcome my obstacles.

11265524_10155553145140174_8768545233087522254_oYet by far the most transformational and seismic shifting experience was the live two-day experience at Shawshank Prison. For me the transformation began before the two-day event. I was released from my day job, which had become more and more like a literal prison.

Now I had no more excuses for not going after my dream. I decided I would come back from Shawshank with a blueprint for my next steps. True to the promise to myself, as a result of the live event I came home with the skeleton for a future book.

11206602_10155551477740174_522585975822517337_oAlso as a result of being part of this mastermind, I created my first product which I will be bringing to market later this month. And I have become the owner and sole proprietor of my own coaching, speaking, training, and strategizing business D 4 S STRATEGIES.

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