I’m throwing a free DREAM JOB PARTY for you. Meet your DREAM JOB mentors.

Are you stuck in your Day Job?

For those already in the Tribe, greetings. If we just met, my name is Kary Oberbrunner and I went from day job to dream job. Call me crazy, but I think you can do the same. I believe it’s possible for you to turn your passion into a full-time gig. 

Odds are you’re one of the 86% who feels stuck in your day job. Do you want to change that? What if I could give you key to open the door for this potential?

The truth is when I started my journey I needed help. I didn’t have a book that showed me how to go from PRISON to PLAN to PAYOFF. Instead,  I relied on MY DREAM JOB MENTORS.

I told them about you recently and asked them if they’d all come to a special party this next week. They graciously agreed. 

The Party is Free, but you need to register.

The party is going to be amazing. We’re giving you a bunch of free gifts, just for registering. You’ll get some gifts immediately, others at the party, and even more after the party. When you click the button below, you can see the grand prize list too. One prize is 2 VIP tickets to Shawshank 20th anniversary (hotel included).


Meet the Dream Job Mentors

Each one of these mentors helped me on my journey from Day Job to Dream Job. At the party I’m going to ask them each….

How did you go from day job to dream job?

They’ll briefly share how they made the transition. I know their story will inspire courage and clarity for you on your own journey. Click underneath their picture to find out how amazing these people are.


Dan Miller

Chris Guillebeau


Mark Sanborn


Chris Brogan

Robert D. Smith

Jeff Goins  

It’s as simple as making a phone call on August 21. You’ll get free gifts, several tools, and most of all HOPE. See you soon. And remember, your Dream is worth it.

Make sure to save your spot (we do have limited lines).

Get busy living or get busy dying.