I know something about your Enemy

Your Enemy doesn’t care about you.

It simply wants you stopped and silenced. Your progress is threatening and so in retaliation, it fires both barrels, trying to keep you down and shut you up.

How do I know? Every time I’m about to share an important message via talk, book, or event, it shows up. Often we refer to it as spiritual attack or Murphy’s Law, but it’s even more sinister than that.

Freud referred to it as the Death Wish:

the destructive force inside human nature that rises whenever we consider a tough, long-term course of action that might do good for others or ourselves.

Your Enemy is better known as the Resistance.

Bestselling author Steven Pressfield identified it as the Resistance. 

If you’ve ever tried creating a business, a work of art, or a book you’ve felt it. And if you’ve ever taken action toward expressing your dream you’ve confronted it.

Odds are you have an idea, an enterprise, a masterpiece planted deep inside you. But this desire remains dormant as long as you give in to the Resistance.

Although Resistance takes many forms (fear, criticism, rationalization, distraction, perfectionism, and procrastination—to name a few) its effect is always the same.

Resistance fights tirelessly to keep you stagnant and stuck. Resistance works overtime to prevent you from escaping into your creative call and embracing your divine destiny.

How do you overcome the Resistance?

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