How to tell your friends their Digital Fly is down

Digital Fly? Yep, we all have one.

Ever stand on a stage and give a speech? Ever sit back down and realize your “fly” was down? Embarrassing, hey?

But what happens if you had a friend who knew it was down…and they didn’t tell you? (Not cool.) And yet, we’ve all had this experience, right?

False friends gossip behind our back. True friends tell the truth to our face.

Recently my Digital Fly was down. Kirk Bowman had the guts to tell me. I invited him on the show to tell the backstory. We also share “rules” on the topic and how you can tell your friends when their Digital Fly is down. Join us for a fun, enlightening, and entertaining chat.

In this episode, we highlight some mutual friends who helped connect us and propel us on our journey (Ray Edwards, Jared Easley, Dan Miller, Cliff Ravenscraft, and Mike Kim)

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