How to Remember your Future

You’ve probably been taught a lie…

…that memory works only one direction—backward. We often refer to memory this way. We talk about “remembering” things in our past.

  • Who we choose.
  • What we ate.
  • When we left.
  • Where we went.
  • Why we acted.

But what if memory worked two directions—backward AND forward? The latest in brain science has much to say on this topic:

Imagining the future, for example, involves many of the same brain areas as remembering the past. Your brain activates the hippocampus and medial temporal lobe for all mental time travel – both when you visit the past and go back to the future.

What if you knew how to “remember your future?” How would that shape you personally and professionally? In this episode, discover not only HOW to remember your future, but also WHY using this skill will catapult your business. You can’t afford NOT to use this powerful mental faculty.

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