How to create and launch your first product FREE

When I decided to go from Day Job to Dream Job, I was scared. (This is a common feeling.) Usually you get the DESIRE first before you get the DESIGN.

Launching out on your own sounds sexy until you realize you need to replace your income. This is where most people paralyzed. They understand the PRISON (their day job), but they don’t have a PLAN that will lead them to the PAYOFF (their dream job).

When I first started I didn’t have:

  • a big email list
  • a good website
  • a shopping cart
  • a product

Regardless, I pushed through and found a solution. Sure, I made some mistakes, but my business partner (David) and I were able to create 4 (6 figure) brands:

Your Secret Name (Team)

The Deeper Path (Team)

Day Job to Dream Job (Bootcamp)

Author Academy Elite

Each one of these experiences IGNITE SOULS. Each have increased our influence, our income, and our impact.

On Tuesday night July 22nd, I’m going to pull back the curtain and show you exactly how we did it. This is a FREE call where there is no upsell or product offer at the end. This is 100% pure value for you. I’m even giving you our Dream Jobber Quick Start Product Launch FREE. (Get it now in prep by going here and then clicking the blue link. Takes a couple seconds after you click the blue link.)

To understand how to use it, jump on the call.

If you’ve ever thought about going from Day Job to Dream Job, then you need to consider different ways of monetizing your skills. Launching your first product is just one way.

I look forward to chatting with you next week.