8 reasons why you might want to get published

Have you ever heard someone say,

This book changed my life?

As powerful as that statement is, there are 7 OTHER reasons you might want to get published too. In my writing career of 10+ years, with 6 traditionally published books, here’s 8 reasons I’ve identified:

  • (1) Create value 

People say, “Your book helped me.”

  • (2) Make a contribution 

People say, “Your book changed me.”

  • (3) Address a need

People say, “Your book showed me the path.”

  • (4) Communicate a message

People say, “Your book moved me.”

  • (5) Expose injustice

People say, “Your book opened my eyes.”

  • (6) Solve a problem

People say, “Your book gave me a solution. “

  • (7) Gain credibility

People say, “Your book made me believe in you.”

  • (8) Increase Influence, Impact, Income

People say, “I loved your book, and I want to take the next step.”

Now it’s your turn

Obviously I’m a fan of books. I can’t sing, dance, or ride a bull. But I can write a book. I think you can too. Next week, I’m going to show you can become an author. But only if you’re curious enough.

In the meantime, you may want to check out episode 35 of the Igniting Souls Podcast. I unpack these 8 reasons above. Expand your mind and your mission by seeing the potential all within your reach. Listen on iTunes or Audioboom. The podcast is free and it’s dedicated to helping you become a soul on fire.

I’ll close with a question for the comment section below. I’d like to know:

What’s one other reason you might want to get published?