3 ways how getting your FIRST DATE and getting your FIRST CLIENT are similar

1. You Wonder If You Have Value

You probably don’t  recognize your own talent. Instead, you depend on external forces (like day jobs) to establish and authenticate your value. When you work for other people’s dreams you don’t have to answer questions like:

  • Do I truly have value in the marketplace?
  • If I didn’t have my day job, would anyone still pay me?
  • If I started my dream job and someone refused to pay what I’m really worth, would I walk?

These big boy and big girl questions scare you away from seriously considering your dream job. As long as you’re comfortable with the familiar, you’ll continue to play safe and small in your day job. (Tweet This or  Share on Facebook)

2. Your Confidence Is Shaky

This is why I love seeing DJ’s (Dream Jobbers) break the mold and wrestle with getting their first gig. It’s kinda like a guy asking a girl out on a first date. He finally musters up the courage to ask her out. The request comes out awkward at best. She’s not really even sure what’s he’s asking but sensing his sincerity she actually says:


The guy blurts out:

Really? Are you sure?

Maybe you’ve been conditioned to play the day job marriage game for so long, you’ve forgotten what it’s like to date again via your dream jobs.

This was almost true for Julie.

A brilliant photographer, for too long she only considered it a hobby. Although unwilling to admit it, she secretly fantasized about one day being paid for her talent. Despite her desire, she didn’t want to put herself out there and risk rejection. Eventually, a friend of a friend contacted her through facebook:

My friend told me you’re pretty good at taking photographs. We can’t pay you much, but we have a few hundred dollars budgeted. Can you snap a few pictures of us at our wedding?

Evidently, a professional photographer’s price tipped the scales and so they messaged Julie instead. Like a giddy little girl she thought aloud, “A few hundred dollars? Someone’s going to actually pay me to do what I love?” In a matter of moments she messaged back, attempting to shroud her enthusiasm with a little bit of professionalism:

Thanks for your inquiry. I think I could make something work for that budget. Let’s chat.

3. You Just Need Someone To Believe In You

To the bride’s surprise and delight, Julie did much more than snap a few pictures. She over-delivered and captured the couple with a unique blend of creativity and authenticity. Superseding their expectations, word got out and Julie has since then raised her rates. Still priced well below the industry standard, Julie is beginning to learn what her clients already know.

She’s worth it.

Julie needed a little nudge, that’s all. Short on self-belief, a simple facebook message acknowledging her talent, pushed her over her insecurities.

Before I launched my dream job: I didn’t know my value. I didn’t have confidence. I needed someone to believe in me. Thankfully, I overcame these self-limiting beliefs by facing fears head on. I asked my first client “out.” Eventually someone said YES!

QUESTION: Which one do you struggle with the most: Seeing your own value? Having Confidence? Needing someone to believe in you? (Please comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts. And if you know someone who needs to read this, please encourage them by sharing this post)