3 reasons why your self-image is too low and what to do about it

We don’t see things the way they are, but the way we are. —Anaïs Nin

I struggled with low self-esteem until the age of 24. This was a problem. A BIG problem. This deficit showed up nearly every day and nearly in every way. Though my journey I discovered, you’re never going to outperform your own self-image. If you see yourself as a 2 the world will not raise your value to a 10.

Your self-esteem is like a thermostat

You have a self-image “set-point.” Think of this as your internal thermostat. What do you know about thermostats? No matter the temperature outside, thermostats are designed to make the temperature inside stay the same.

  • Light a fire in the fireplace.
  • Throw open the windows.
  • Crack the door wide open.

Doesn’t matter. Thermostats keep the temperature constant.

Your self-image set-point is too low

You have a self-image set point. What’s your number? Not the number you want people to think…but the true number?

My self-image was set pretty low the first 2/3 of my life. I may have gotten some good results here and there, but I knew how I saw myself and that wasn’t good. This is why I fell into an addiction called self-injury. I was a cutter. I would literally take a blade to my skin, regularly. You can see my television story here.

I was stuck….until I discovered my Secret Name. This unique process helped reset my self-image. Now my life is drastically different. I love my life and I get to do my dream job full-time—IGNITING SOULS.

  • You might not be a cutter.
  • You might not engage in self-injury.
  • You might not take a blade to your skin as a way to make it through life. bulldog

However, are you self-injuring your own success? Are you sabotaging your own results because your self-image is set too low?

You’ll never outperform your own self-image. Listen to this quick TRUE story about famed baseball pitcher Orel Hershiser:

Early in his career, Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda had told Hershiser,”I don’t like your name...from now on, I’m going to call you ‘Bulldog.’ You’re going to act like a bulldog and pitch like a bulldog.

I changed his life,” Lasorda said. “When [Braves outfielder] Dale Murphy comes up, he’s saying, ‘I can’t wait to face a guy whose name is Orel.’ But now he’s going to say, ‘He must be a tough pitcher to have a name like Bulldog.'”

His new name reset his self-image. And his new self-image changed his results.

You need to reset your self-image

I want to help you in this process. I’m doing a FREE teaching call (land, mobile, or skype). I’ll show you how to reset your own self-image. We’ll go from 8-9 PM EST on Monday night May 5th. Although we only have 60 minutes, I’m going to pack the hour with amazing content. I believe in you and I believe you’re worth it.

Life didn’t change until I did.

Discover Your Secret Name.

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